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My name is Amy Douglas, and I am a Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant. I’ve been in your shoes & I want more sleep for YOU & Your Child. I offer private coaching through global online conferencing for parents of babies, toddlers, & children.

I can guarantee you a judgment free experience & custom, expert sleep advice based upon your parenting approach. My educational background covers everything from Newborn Care for the tiniest of babies to Behavioral Intervention and Sensory Protocol for older children.

Your results are important to me & I’m thrilled you have taken the first step in restoring sleep for those that matter most to you! Check out the support options below, by following the link!

Private Coaching Calls ($55 & up)

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Frequently Asked Questions

“I’ve Already Tried Everything Out There. Can Your Private Coaching Still Help?”
 Here is the difference between me and the mixed bag of advice you’ve been receiving. Besides being educated in infant & child development & the science of sleep, I take a holistic approach to look at the big picture & fully comprehend your child’s unique needs. Health history, sleep environment, nutritional needs, routines, & various other aspects can play an important role. I understand that each child has a unique story. Google doesn’t know your baby.  I want to know your baby like the back of my hand before providing you the answers to your child’s sleep.


“What is the Minimum Age YOU Will Sleep Train a Baby?”
I will WORK with babies of ALL ages – but when it comes to sleep training, I put the breaks on when they are itty bitty! Most sleep professionals agree that 6 months is a great age to start, and certainly no younger than 4 months. You may find other there are sleep consultants out there that are happy to work with newborns. I’ve found in my experience that working with babies 5 months & up produces lasting results, which parents so desperately crave. However, there are several things you can do from birth onwards to help your newborn baby adapt a little easier, so hopefully, sleep training will not be necessary by the 5-month mark. For this reason, I offer a package from birth – 4 months that center around shaping your baby’s sleep. I even offer an Expectant Parent Sleep Course.


Will My Baby Have to Cry-It-Out (CIO) if We Work Together?”
The short answer is no. The long answer is this: While some respond well to the CIO sleep intervention, this is not optimal for many parents and children alike. Sleep training cannot be lumped into one single approach as there are various other methods. Sure, there will be tears with the PAT Method, but you can comfort your child during this process without leaving them to cry alone. I mentioned earlier that I am nonjudgmental, and I stand by that. My personal feelings towards Cry-It-Out are neither here nor there because this isn’t about me – it’s about YOU and YOUR BABY. 


“What Age Group Do You Work with the Most?”
Let me tell you – anything goes! I specialize in children from birth – 6 years, with specialize being the key word. That is to say, I have had the most training in this area and choose to build upon my credentials for this age group. However, I also work with expectant mothers afflicted by sleep deprivation and am certified to work with adults of all ages. However, I have a soft spot for helping children, and it’s a win-win when I get to connect with their parents and produce results for everyone in the house! When it comes to babies and children, my services are split about 50/50. In an average week, I may consult with families of a 5-month-old, an 18-month old, and also a 4-year-old. 

Help your baby, toddler, or child get the sleep they deserve (& YOU too)!

Private Coaching Calls

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